How to Get Started with a Private Cloud

Sponsor: Cisco Systems
Featured Analyst Firm: Gartner
Speakers: Thomas Bittman, Scott Hammond
Type: Video (20 minutes)


Most IT organizations plan to build private clouds to give business users on-demand self-service provisioning from a catalog of standard IT options. Over time, many of them intend to adopt a hybrid-cloud model, leveraging both internal and external cloud services.

But IT executives often struggle with questions like: How to get started? What is the business case for a private cloud? And how can I use a private cloud as a stepping-stone to a hybrid cloud?

In this program, we'll answer those questions and more with 2 leading industry experts, Thomas Bittman, Research VP & Distinguished Analyst at Gartner, and Scott Hammond, VP of Strategy and Business Development the Cloud and Systems Technology Group at Cisco Systems.

You'll also learn how you can deploy a private cloud to improve the agility and speed of IT service delivery while increasing the business value & operational efficiency of your IT organization.


About Thomas Bittman, VP Distinguished Analyst, Gartner
Thomas Bittman is a vice president and distinguished analyst with Gartner Research. Mr. Bittman has led the industry in areas such as cloud computing and virtualization. Mr. Bittman was an early pioneer for the concept of private cloud computing, and invented the term "real-time infrastructure," which has been adopted by major vendors and many enterprises as their infrastructure direction. He has served as Gartner's lead analyst covering IBM and Microsoft, and he served for three years as a member of Gartner's Senior Research Board. In 2005, he earned Gartner's Analyst of the Year Award.

Before joining Gartner, Mr. Bittman was a division plan manager and chief software engineer with IBM, where he had development responsibility for four operating systems.


About Scott Hammond, VP Strategy & Business Development, Cloud & Systems Management Technology Group, Cisco Systems
Scott Hammond comes to Cisco Systems from the acquisition of newScale in 2011, where he held the position of President and CEO. newScale was the leading provider of self-service, service catalog, and lifecycle management software for enterprise IT and private / hybrid cloud computing. Prior to newScale, Hammond was the founder, President and CEO of Digital Market, Inc. (DMI), the leading provider of Web-based sourcing and procurement solutions for direct materials. In 1999, DMI merged with Agile Software. Hammond then became a corporate officer and VP of e-Services and e-Procurement at Agile Software.

Hammond also pioneered yet another successful start-up, EcoSystems Software, as a co-founder. In 1993, EcoSystems was acquired by Compuware Corporation. His prior experience also includes industry leaders such as Xerox, Hewlett Packard, and Oracle Corporation.

Hammond holds an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Rochester and an MBA from The Wharton School of Business.