Topic: Business Process Management

Payment projects: "agile" and other tips for success

Every day, we hear of a new payment technology or project, updated security standards, or governmental regulations. Banks and payment processors try hard to stay competitive on the dynamic payment market. Many are forced to migrate from their legacy IP platform or keep implementing multiple new functionalities. Do you realize what all the risks of a large scale payment project are? What's the best approach to handle a long-term implementation? In this webcast, trusted advisors from Gartner and OpenWay Group look at the project management process and challenges faced by banks and processors and provide tips to prevent mistakes and deliver timely results.

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Type: Video (34 minutes)

Making Better Decisions At The Edge - How Technology Is Driving Decentralized Decision Making

We are all aware of the constant opportunities and challenges that technology provides in today's enterprise - increased workforce mobility, a never-ending demand for network connectivity, security and privacy headaches, and an avalanche of data. But do we really know how the constant pace of change and innovation impacts the way we work? Now, more than ever, the ease of communication, collaboration, and the distribution of knowledge push our decision-making opportunities further from the company headquarters and out into the field. In this program, leading industry experts from Gartner, Accenture, and Verizon uncover the role technology now plays in how and where key business decisions are being made.

Sponsor: Verizon
Type: Video (24 minutes)

Implement a Successful End User Self Service Platform - Significantly Reduce your Total Cost of Support

Implementing an effective end user self-service strategy can change your users’preference for receiving help, and significantly lower overall support costs. Today’s end users expect the ability to quickly resolve issues through self-service. However,simply providing end users an online portal with a knowledge base and then expecting aggressive adoption is a flawed perception and correlation. This webinar examines why end user self-service is critical; what’s necessary to realize success; and provides a significant case study in end user self-service implemented and supported collaboratively.

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Type: Video (39 minutes)

Better Information Governance can improve your business results

Information is crucial to the success of any organization. However, too much data can be overwhelming and lead to poor decision-making. Further, as organizations face an ever-growing wave of digital data, they need to analyze that information and make timely decisions to achieve their business goals.
For more and more organizations, the key is information governance. But what is information governance, and how can an organization get started on this path, and what changes lie ahead? In this program, leading experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner Inc. and IBM examine the assignment of roles and responsibilities and accountabilities around data and how you can use information governance to your advantage.

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Type: Video (14 minutes)

Beyond the Desktop: Next-Generation Desktop Management

Desktop Management is no longer confined just to the desktop. It’s no longer just about machines on desks in a confined office space. Desktop Management must encompass multiple devices and systems spread out in any number of places – be it a main office, remote office, home office or somewhere on the road. What approach should your organization take with desktop management? Is virtualization the best path for you? And what should look for in a virtualized desktop solution? We’ll get those answers and more from leading experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner Inc. and Virtual Computer.

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Type: Video (24 minutes)

Putting the Voice of Your Customers to Work for You

Mastering the customer experience is a complex equation involving many moving parts. Done successfully, however, it can open new doors and lucrative benefits for customers and businesses alike. During the multimedia session “Putting the Voice of Your Customers to Work for You”, Featured Analyst Firm, Gartner Inc. analysts Ed Thompson and Jim Davies, along with Verint Systems, will:
• Explore the top challenges facing customer service operations today
• Highlight the best practices and impact of bringing the “voice of the customer” inside your four walls
• Examine the fundamentals and technologies for getting started on building your “voice of the customer” initiative and workforce optimization strategy
• Profile the power of multichannel sales and service delivery—and “real-time, at the right time” analytics
• Share how global organizations in healthcare, telecommunications and insurance—for example—have taken a customer-centric approach to their operations—embracing an “actionable intelligence” strategy powered by workforce optimization and voice of the customer analytics.

Sponsor: Verint
Type: Video (40 minutes)

Achieving Best in Class Distribution

Every organization wants to be known as best in class. Far too many wrongly claim the distinction. When it comes to distribution, the label best-in-class can be claim by those who can document three achievements:

1 - All orders are filled off-the-shelf with all line items completed by the customer's request date
2 - All orders are filled with the greatest possible contribution to profit
3 - Targeted customer service levels are high enough to increase your market share

Of course it's not necessarily what you need to document, but how you achieve those distinctions. In this program, Ray Barger from Featured Analyst Firm, Gartner Inc. will highlight the strategic challenges which companies face building best in class distribution operations. John Helms, Vice President of Materials & Planning for The Hillman Group, will share how they overcame those challenges to become a best in class distribution organization.

Sponsor: GAINSystems
Type: Video (17 minutes)

Optimizing Talent for Healthcare

We’re facing a looming supply and demand challenge in healthcare. Healthcare reform, increased legislation, and increased focus on labor laws are on the horizon for the healthcare workforce. Is your organization prepared? In this program, leading experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and opinion leaders from API Healthcare, discuss a new approach to healthcare workforce management. They’ll diagnose the best practices and tools healthcare organizations need to find, retain, and manage talent, as well as retain the knowledge of that talent even when they leave. They’ll provide successful strategies for dealing with part-time and contingency workers. And they’ll discuss the factors you need to consider to find the right talent optimization solution for your healthcare-specific needs.

Sponsor: API Healthcare
Type: Video (22 minutes)

Optimizing Business Innovation for Success

Even in challenging economic times, or maybe especially so, innovation around products and services remains a top strategic priority for increasing profitability, competitive differentiation, and shareholder value. Join industry experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and opinion leaders from CA, as they discuss why deploying Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) is a fundamental first step for any CIO looking to maximize the return on their innovation investment, accelerate time to value, efficiently allocate resources and reduce new product development costs.

Sponsor: CA
Type: Video (20 minutes)

Secure Web Gateways: Best Practice Security for the Social Web and Modern Malware

Web destinations like facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and can provide your organization with new opportunities, but they can also bring new risks as traditional antivirus and URL filtering technologies are rendered ineffective. Zero-day malware, inappropriate content, data loss, and compliance, all pose unique challenges in these environments. To address these challenges, many successful organizations are turning to Secure Web Gateways. What advantages does a secure Web gateway offer, and is it the right solution for your organization? Find out in this new program.

Sponsor: Websense, Inc.
Type: Video (29 minutes)

Virtualization, Cloud Computing and Convergence Trends in the Data Center and Beyond

New server virtualization technologies and cloud computing deployment models are reshaping the way data center networks are being designed and built. But how can your organization provide reliable, scalable and secure connectivity to propel server virtualization and cloud computing across your data center and branch office infrastructure? What network convergence strategies and technologies should you adopt to reduce cost and complexity while ensuring operational continuity? Join two leading industry experts as they address those questions, and more, in this new program.

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Type: Video (28 minutes)

How to ensure immediate and long-term success with HR Outsourcing

HR functions are continuously impacted by change: changes in staff, changing regulations, changing technologies, and changing expectations. Increasingly, companies are asking how HR outsourcing provides value while managing through change. How can HR outsourcing reduce costs or mitigate risks? And how can you ensure immediate and long-term success, and gain a competitive advantage, through HR outsourcing? Watch this new program and let two leading experts in the industry: Robert Brown, Research Vice President at featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and Greg Secord, President of ADP Canada, provide you with answers to those questions and more.

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Type: Video (22 minutes)

Where to Focus Your In-House e-discovery Efforts and Why

Many organizations are bringing their e-discovery in-house to have better control, and to build a more efficient, repeatable, and defensible business process that ultimately reduces cost and risk. But is in-house e-discovery right for your organization? And if so, where should you focus your efforts? Join leading e-discovery experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and opinion leaders from Guidance Software Inc., as they break down the advantages of in-house e-discovery and introduce solutions that will allow you to effectively manage your legal, regulatory, and investigative matters.

Sponsor: Guidance Software Inc.
Type: Video (22 minutes)

Global HR and Payroll Outsourcing – Technology’s Role as an Enabler for Successful Global HR Outsourcing

Many successful, multinational corporations are consolidating and streamlining their HR and payroll processes across regions, business units and technology platforms. Is global HR and payroll outsourcing right for your organization? Join leading experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and opinion leaders from ADP, in a new Webcast which examines the ways in which your organization can achieve your global HR outsourcing goals, and the attributes and capabilities you should look for when evaluating providers.

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Type: Video (24 minutes)

Application Performance Monitoring - What is it? What can it do for IT and the business?

In this webcast, Will Cappelli, Research VP from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and opinion leaders from Quest Software discuss the importance of Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and will provide valuable insight into strategies that will not only help you manage both your virtual and physical infrastructure, but also address the challenges that are plaguing your most critical IT projects. Join your colleagues for an informative and timely discussion.

Sponsor: Quest Software
Type: Video (44 minutes)

Ensuring Your Success: The Rising Importance of End-to-End Service

Business success increasingly comes down to one word – service. Customers,
partners and users alike judge organizations on the quality of service they
receive. IT needs to provide the organization with a more holistic look at
the service process. That’s why more and more organizations are turning to
end-to-end service assurance solutions. In this program, leading experts
from Featured Analyst Firm, Gartner Inc.,CA Technologies and Barclays Bank look at what end-to-end service assurance entails, what implementing such a solution will mean for your organization, and how you determine the right solution for your organization.

Sponsor: CA
Type: Audio (62 minutes)

The value of a “next gen” product configurator

The faster your organization can response to market demands, the more empowered your marketing and sales teams will be. To make that happen, companies like yours need a next-generation product configurator to support the configure price quote, or CPQ process. But what is a product configurator? What must a next-generation approach entail? And how do you determine the right solution for your company’s needs? In this program, leading experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and Cameleon Software, break down the challenges that a product configurator aims to solve and, more importantly, offer prescriptions on how your organization can benefit.

Sponsor: Cameleon Software
Type: Video (22 minutes)