Topic: Data Management and Integration

Drowning in Data and Starving for Information

The ability to generate and capture various sensor data, communications, and imagery has grown exponentially, and there does not appear to be any change in sight. To effectively extract the maximum benefit from the deluge of data generated today, analysts need to utilize the new generation of analytical tools and human expertise that is rapidly being developed. When properly utilized, these advances are providing today’s analysts with an unprecedented ability to make real-time data-driven decisions as well as improved options to collaborate and share information. However, effective implementation in the era of hyperscale data depends on the ability to manage conventional system technology, and unpredictable volume requirements. An imbalanced analytics system can result in bottlenecks that reduce the value of analytics tools and the enterprise data warehouses (EDW) that power them. As such, it’s critical for organizations to ensure that at either end of the ingest/egest process they build scalable storage and storage processing technology to complement today’s high-speed data warehousing and data analytics technology. This session will detail how new filing system options and cloud infrastructure can improve the performance of analytics applications utilizing actual benchmark tests, and demonstrate new options to collaborate and share information.

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Type: Video (45 minutes)

Fabric-Based Infrastructure in Today’s Data Centers

Meeting the challenge for increased efficiency and scale while preparing for the technology needs of tomorrow, is driving businesses toward application and solution based architectures in their data centers – what Gartner refers to as Fabric Based Infrastructure. In this video, Donna Scott (a VP and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner) and Paul Perez (VP and CTO for the Data Center Business Group at Cisco Systems) examine the motivations and impact, for customers moving to a Fabric Based Infrastructure and how Cisco UCS helps customers achieve their goals.

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Type: Video (36 minutes)

Best Practices in Database Protection

Data is the biggest driver of success today … be it in business, government or society. And with data such a valuable currency, protecting it is a paramount concern. So what must your organization do to make sure your database is secure? What are the real threats to your data? What can you do to stop them? And where can you turn for help in protecting your database? In this program, leading experts from Gartner and Warevalley reveal the solutions and best practices you need to keep your data safe. We’ll also find out why more and more companies around the world increasingly turn to Warevalley to protect perhaps their most valuable asset – their database.

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Type: Video (18 minutes)

Mainframe Modernization: Moving to Alternative Platforms

Mainframes have been a key part of many organizations’ infrastructure for decades. But in the past decade and especially the last five years, distributed platforms have established a greater presence in the datacenter traditionally dominated by mainframe systems. Gartner Vice President of Application Strategy and Governance Dale Vecchio looks at why this is occurring now and how the traditional concerns around availability, scalability and risk have been addressed. We’ll also focus on how the elements of a mainframe alternative platform consisting of HP, Microsoft and Micro Focus can deliver on that ROI, and we’ll reveal how this modernization process enables organizations like yours to address Gartner’s Nexus of Disruptive Technologies, including Mobile, Social, Cloud and Big Data.

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Type: Video (32 minutes)

Managing and Reducing Costs of Enterprise Data Protection
Accelerated data growth, virtualization and tighter service-level agreements have pushed traditional backup to its breaking point. Unrelenting 24/7 data growth has caused backup windows to disappear, storage capacity to bloat and SLAs to be out of reach. But new alternatives have emerged, fragmenting data protection by splitting up de-duplication, VM protection and snapshots as well as tape, disk and cloud-based backup. But which solution is right for you? In this program, leading experts from Gartner and Symantec break down the information management challenges that organizations like yours face and, more importantly, offer solutions to address them.

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Type: Video (29 minutes)

A Better Retail Experience: Enabling Retail Services Through Technology
We've all experienced dramatic changes in music and movies over the past decade: We listen to MP3 players. We stream movies. We check for 3-D viewings And in that same time, Retail experienced just as many, if not more changes. And the changes are accelerating. All previous assumptions have changed. How can retail companies maintain clients and attract new ones? What do customers buy and how much are they willing to pay? And how do retail companies keep up with new technologies, mobility, the impact of social media - not to mention PCI compliance and data management? In this program, leading experts from Gartner and Dell explore these challenges and, more importantly, reveal the solutions to address them. Is the virtual system management appliance the right option to manage your point-of-service and back-office servers? You'll also find out how Dell helped Flix Brewhouse revolutionize the concept of dinner and a movie.

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Type: Video (26 minutes)

Seizing the Big Data Opportunity with Scale-out NAS
With digital data growing at a rate of 44x and predicted to reach an astounding 35 zetabytes by 2020, the era of Big Data is here. Although the unprecedented influx of new information presents an opportunity to fundamentally change and improve business, government and even society, it also poses significant challenges for enterprise IT.
Increasingly, companies are turning to scale-out storage architectures to solve these problems.
In this webinar Gartner Research Vice President Stan Zaffos, and Paul Rutherford, CTO of EMC Isilon, examine the primary drivers behind Big Data growth and the technologies best suited to help maximize the Big Data Opportunity.

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Type: Video (16 minutes)

Leveraging electronic data & workflow to optimize financial processes

Does anyone remember the paperless office? Every few years we hear some expert claim that we're so automated that we've rendered paper obsolete.
Now, look around your desk and office. Are we there yet? The better question would be, why aren't we there yet? What's hindering our path to electronic data and why are we hindering our businesses by not taking that path?
In this program, leading experts from Gartner and ReadSoft explore the benefits and challenges of electronic data and workflow. How can your company become more efficient and profitable with more workflow automation?
They'll answer that question and, more importantly, lay out the best practices and solutions you need to get the most out of your electronic data and financial processes..

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Type: Video (30 minutes)

Better Information Governance can improve your business results

Information is crucial to the success of any organization. However, too much data can be overwhelming and lead to poor decision-making. Further, as organizations face an ever-growing wave of digital data, they need to analyze that information and make timely decisions to achieve their business goals.
For more and more organizations, the key is information governance. But what is information governance, and how can an organization get started on this path, and what changes lie ahead? In this program, leading experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner Inc. and IBM examine the assignment of roles and responsibilities and accountabilities around data and how you can use information governance to your advantage.

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Type: Video (14 minutes)

De-risking Applications in your Virtualized Infrastructure

De-risking critical applications, especially in a virtualized data center, is now a top priority for most enterprise IT departments. Nearly all Global 200 enterprise data centers rely on fiber channel SANs for their storage infrastructure. The move to 8-gigabit and eventually 16-gigabit fiber channel networks results in faster throughput but also less resiliency than 2 and 4-gigabit. This can easily impact service levels. Outages and slowdowns need to be quickly resolved or, better still, avoided altogether. So how do you ensure performance and uptime while increasing the use of new, faster technologies, together with server and storage virtualization? How do you proactively monitor your SAN traffic to be able to see that all is well or is potentially about to negatively affect your users? In this webcast, Gartner storage management expert Valdis Filks and Virtual Instruments’ Vice President of Solutions Consulting, John Gentry, discuss how real-time I/O monitoring solutions are required to guarantee application performance and availability SLAs

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Type: Audio (23 minutes)

Data Center Infrastructure Management - IT planning today for the future

With the continuing evolution and growing adoptions rates of new business-critical tactics such as cloud, virtualization, and other high density computing initiatives, executive leadership is looking to the enterprise infrastructure, as a whole, not only to deftly adapt to market changes, but aggressively add value, as well. Data Center Infrastructure Management, or DCIM, is the prevailing strategy being considered by data center and facilities managers to meet these new expectations.

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Type: Video (24 minutes)

The Evolution and Importance of Job Scheduling in the Modern Data Center

Automating job scheduling is a requirement in today’s complex data center environments. However, there are challenges that include the integration between IT applications, databases and file sharing platforms using only their native tools or using systems-based schedulers must be custom coded or left undone. Neither scenario is optimal: Custom integrations are time consuming, error prone and need constant maintenance and revisions. Leaving integrations undone forces the data center operations team to manually manage complex job scheduling workloads—increasing the risk for errors and expensive downtime. Listen to the experts as they examine the reasons behind the longevity of job schedulers, the role of adapters in the modern data center, how system events factor into enterprise scheduling, and what the future holds for job scheduling. They also offer advice on where you can turn to meet your enterprise job scheduling needs.

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Type: Video (34 minutes)

The Foundation of Your Organization's Online Business

The role and function of today’s Web content management systems (CMS) are changing dramatically. While CMS used to be viewed simply as an engine to broadcast content online, they now serve as the foundation for an organization’s online business. Additionally, increased pressures to manage and deliver content efficiently across online channels — as well as the requirement to engage more effectively with customers and prospects — means that CMS has evolved to become the online experience hub for all large organizations. Learn from leading experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner Inc., Deutsche Telekom, Internet Broadcasting, and CoreMedia as they share their insights and expertise to help you maximize your online channels and educate you before investing in a CMS solution.

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Type: Video (35 minutes)

Transforming Content Management with Cloud

Many organizations have struggled to gain continued business value from content management technology in business processes such as Invoice processing, contract management and case management. But delivery options such as cloud and composite content applications can transform time to delivery, cost and return on investment, making addressing these kinds of business process more compelling than ever. Find out why and how you can harness cloud technology to put your content to work.

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Type: Audio (29 minutes)

Column Oriented Databases - discover the future of investigative analytics and the power behind extreme data warehouses

We all must contend with ever-growing data from ever-expanding sources. Social, location-aware, mobile and device data now have to be merged with customer, product and third-party data. But as the data grows, it runs into a basic law of physics – that as objects gain more mass, they slow down. So how can enterprises get all of their data to be available quicker and perform faster?
More and more enterprises are turning to new analytic software to get ahead of this curve. In this program featured analyst firm Gartner Inc. analyst Mark Beyer will address the changing data landscape, the business opportunities and the issues facing IT. Also, SAND Chief Operating Officer Mike Pilcher will look at analytic platform column based databases and the solutions for accelerating Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, SAP and SAS data warehouses.

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Type: Video (18 minutes)

Critical Success Factors to Address Ever-Increasing IT Service Level Expectations while facing IT Cost Reduction Pressures

The demands placed upon IT grow significantly year over year and while the service delivery expectations of the business continue to rise, budgets do not - and CIOs are tasked with lowering the overall cost of IT. A Fabric Computing strategy may offer CIOs the promise of addressing the seemingly competing demands of ever increasing service level expectations and IT Cost reductions. HP faced those very same challenges and to meet them head on has adopted a Fabric Computing approach, which HP has called Converged Infrastructure. The HP Converged Infrastructure strategy is a blue print for implementing the data centre of the future TODAY. Please join us to hear these industry experts explain how organizations are successfully eliminating silos and integrating technologies into pools of interoperable resources to improve service levels and reduce costs.

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Type: Video (27 minutes)


Defend Your Mobile Data - Comprehensive Enterprise Encryption

Encryption technology has become an essential element of an information-centric security solution. Increased costs, frequency of data breaches, and more stringent government compliance mandates, are driving the adoption of encryption. Check out this Webcast and hear industry experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and opinion leaders from Symantec Corporation, discuss the encryption needs for today’s mobile workforce and the coming trends in mobile data protection. Plus, you’ll hear Stan Gatewood, Chief Information Security Officer at University System of Georgia, give his perspective on the need for Full Disk Encryption. You’ll hear how his team rolled out encryption and met their compliance initiatives.

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Type: Video (28 minutes)

Scalable Data Center Network Fabrics

The growth of server virtualization and data center consolidation has changed the game for data center networks. More than ever, data center networks need to connect large pools of IT resources that can quickly and easily be accessed in what is often referred to as a cloud IT model. And, as data center networks evolve to provide these seamless connections between IT resource pools, they are increasingly being called data center “fabrics” by networking vendors. Join leading experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and opinion leaders from Cisco Systems, Inc., as they look at the opportunities created by these emerging fabrics, new innovations and multi-path Ethernet, as well as the realities of building scalable data center network fabrics.

Sponsor: Cisco Systems, Inc.
Type: Video (15 minutes)

Virtualization, Cloud Computing and Convergence Trends in the Data Center and Beyond

New server virtualization technologies and cloud computing deployment models are reshaping the way data center networks are being designed and built. But how can your organization provide reliable, scalable and secure connectivity to propel server virtualization and cloud computing across your data center and branch office infrastructure? What network convergence strategies and technologies should you adopt to reduce cost and complexity while ensuring operational continuity? Join two leading industry experts as they address those questions, and more, in this new program.

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Type: Video (28 minutes)

The Data Center Network: The Future Is Now

The pressures on the data center and our networks keep intensifying. Of course, you knew that. Every company is dealing with more data, more security threats, more options, demands to be more green … and on and on. The big question is how do you meet those demands and ease that pressure? In this program, Joe Skorupa, Research Vice President at featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and Vikram Mehta, CEO of BLADE Network Technologies, look at what’s driving the new demands on the data center, the tools and solutions that can address those challenges and, most importantly, how you can determine the right solution for your organization’s data center needs.

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Type: Video (26 minutes)

Today’s Blended Threats & DELL’s approach to a MULTI-LAYERED SECURITY SOLUTION

Independent research shows that the average cost of a data breach is $6 million dollars. But apart from the immediate cost, there’s the liability and loss of reputation. Watch this new program and learn how to be proactive about security and compliance breaches. In this program, industry experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc. and opinion leaders from Dell, look at the security challenges many companies face today - data breaches through the network, data leaks by employees, malware attacks, lost laptops - and offer best practices and solutions your company can implement to overcome those challenges.

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Type: Video (15 minutes)

Where to Focus Your In-House e-discovery Efforts and Why

Many organizations are bringing their e-discovery in-house to have better control, and to build a more efficient, repeatable, and defensible business process that ultimately reduces cost and risk. But is in-house e-discovery right for your organization? And if so, where should you focus your efforts? Join leading e-discovery experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and opinion leaders from Guidance Software Inc., as they break down the advantages of in-house e-discovery and introduce solutions that will allow you to effectively manage your legal, regulatory, and investigative matters.

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Type: Video (22 minutes)