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Answers to Balancing Energy Efficiency and Customer Performance Demands in the Data Center

Energy drains an average of 25-40 percent of a data center’s annual budget. And energy costs continue to rise about 12 percent each year. Data center operators must balance increasing customer demands and fluctuating customer environments with ongoing efforts to achieve energy efficiency and reliability within their data centers. Increasingly, companies rely on data center operators to help them boost the energy efficiency of their specific operations. But there are many questions to address as enterprises search for optimal data center co-location space, including:

• What are the most popular efficiency techniques being used by co-location service providers?

• What are the major challenges of implementing these technologies in a single versus multi-tenant environment?

• And, how does a co-location service provider’s approach compare to a traditional in-house enterprise data center build-out and operation?

In this program, we’ll answer those questions and more with two of the industry’s leading experts: Gartner research Vice President Dave Cappuccio and Cyrus One Chief Operating Officer Michael Duckett.

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Type: Video (15 minutes)

Payment projects: "agile" and other tips for success

Every day, we hear of a new payment technology or project, updated security standards, or governmental regulations. Banks and payment processors try hard to stay competitive on the dynamic payment market. Many are forced to migrate from their legacy IP platform or keep implementing multiple new functionalities. Do you realize what all the risks of a large scale payment project are? What's the best approach to handle a long-term implementation? In this webcast, trusted advisors from Gartner and OpenWay Group look at the project management process and challenges faced by banks and processors and provide tips to prevent mistakes and deliver timely results.

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Type: Video (34 minutes)

Making Better Decisions At The Edge - How Technology Is Driving Decentralized Decision Making

We are all aware of the constant opportunities and challenges that technology provides in today's enterprise - increased workforce mobility, a never-ending demand for network connectivity, security and privacy headaches, and an avalanche of data. But do we really know how the constant pace of change and innovation impacts the way we work? Now, more than ever, the ease of communication, collaboration, and the distribution of knowledge push our decision-making opportunities further from the company headquarters and out into the field. In this program, leading industry experts from Gartner, Accenture, and Verizon uncover the role technology now plays in how and where key business decisions are being made.

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Type: Video (24 minutes)

Data Center Trends: Bringing it All Together with the Network Monitoring Switch

With the rapid evolution of business applications and systems, IT professionals face tremendous pressure to improve the performance and security of their data networks. And monitoring plays a vital role in keeping those networks safe, efficient and compliant. So what trends are especially impacting the datacenter? Why is Ethernet more important than ever and how do you make your datacenter more flexible, more scalable and more secure? In this program, leading experts from Gartner and Anue Systems answer those questions, and more importantly, solve your network monitoring challenges.

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Type: Video (17 minutes)

Mobile Support's Biggest Challenge: Android - Supporting Mobile Users

There's no doubt that the future of computing is in the mobile space, and most indicators suggest that Google's Android Mobile OS will be on a great number of devices. But with this wave of transitioning to smart devices, technical support calls are skyrocketing. What issues must companies consider to find the right support solution? Do organizations need remote support to effectively decrease call times and increase customer satisfaction? Can the success of remote support in the PC help desk market be duplicated in the mobile market, and what technologies can make this happen? We'll answer those questions and more with two of the leading experts, Gartner Research Vice President Leif-Olof Wallin and RSUPPORT Vice President Matthew Choy. They will reveal how you can best handle the increase in mobile technical support calls and deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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Type: Video (18 minutes)

Dispelling the Hype Around Private Storage Cloud Environments

Discover how Cloud Storage can help you manage your business more efficiently. Companies are constantly battling two equally important yet seeminglycontradictory objectives: data growth and constrained budgets. In addition, businesses are looking for ways to become more flexible in order to respond to competitive pressure and customer demands more rapidly.The traditional approach to data storage management alone is no longer adequate, but employing a Cloud model is a way to help mitigate these issues. This video explores the benefits of private Storage Clouds for both IT and business leaders and provides practical advice to help dispel the hype surrounding Cloud for storage management. You will learn how to build a practical roadmap toward private Storage Cloud by starting with a virtualized, efficient storage environment and build a more flexible and responsive business.

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Type: Video (26 minutes)

Changing the Rules of Networking

Our networks are under great strain today - more data, video, audio, new applications, mobility, virtualization and so much more. And the burden is especially heavy in the public sector, be it government or education. In this program, leading experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner Inc. and HP address your most pressing questions and concerns, including: What challenges are weighing most on the public sector? What steps must public sector organizations take to address these challenges? What solutions can help you take these steps? And where can you turn to find these solutions?

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Type: Video (46 minutes)

Implement a Successful End User Self Service Platform - Significantly Reduce your Total Cost of Support

Implementing an effective end user self-service strategy can change your users’preference for receiving help, and significantly lower overall support costs. Today’s end users expect the ability to quickly resolve issues through self-service. However,simply providing end users an online portal with a knowledge base and then expecting aggressive adoption is a flawed perception and correlation. This webinar examines why end user self-service is critical; what’s necessary to realize success; and provides a significant case study in end user self-service implemented and supported collaboratively.

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Type: Video (39 minutes)

Better Information Governance can improve your business results

Information is crucial to the success of any organization. However, too much data can be overwhelming and lead to poor decision-making. Further, as organizations face an ever-growing wave of digital data, they need to analyze that information and make timely decisions to achieve their business goals.
For more and more organizations, the key is information governance. But what is information governance, and how can an organization get started on this path, and what changes lie ahead? In this program, leading experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner Inc. and IBM examine the assignment of roles and responsibilities and accountabilities around data and how you can use information governance to your advantage.

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Type: Video (14 minutes)

Making File Transfer a Strategic IT Asset

Businesses today rely on the reliable transmission of files with their business partners, between employees, and within their datacenter and the applications that run there. Unfortunately, the tactical file transfer solutions deployed in the past to support these use cases are increasingly unable to keep up with larger file sizes, growth in transfer volumes, and new industry-driven security requirements. Today, companies are implementing a strategic approach to file transfer aimed at driving reliability, security, and reduced administrative costs into their user-driven and automated file transfer activity.

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Type: Video (23 minutes)

Beyond the Desktop: Next-Generation Desktop Management

Desktop Management is no longer confined just to the desktop. It’s no longer just about machines on desks in a confined office space. Desktop Management must encompass multiple devices and systems spread out in any number of places – be it a main office, remote office, home office or somewhere on the road. What approach should your organization take with desktop management? Is virtualization the best path for you? And what should look for in a virtualized desktop solution? We’ll get those answers and more from leading experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner Inc. and Virtual Computer.

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Type: Video (24 minutes)

The Value of IT Service Integration

The demands on today’s global IT organizations to manage a growing IT service base are increasing. Consequently, enterprises are relying on IT outsourcing that is scalable and cost effective but requires seamless automation and collaboration between many different service partners.Outsourcing to different IT service partners often causes service monitoring and integration problems. Many companies don’t have a clear, end-to-end view of their entire service delivery chain and are therefore, unable to consistently meet customer SLA requirements. Learn how Service Management Integration between IT Service Providers and Enterprise Customers in the Cloud improves Agility and Scalability while lowering costs.

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Type: Video (25 minutes)


Data Center Infrastructure Management - IT planning today for the future

With the continuing evolution and growing adoptions rates of new business-critical tactics such as cloud, virtualization, and other high density computing initiatives, executive leadership is looking to the enterprise infrastructure, as a whole, not only to deftly adapt to market changes, but aggressively add value, as well. Data Center Infrastructure Management, or DCIM, is the prevailing strategy being considered by data center and facilities managers to meet these new expectations.

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Type: Video (24 minutes)

Putting the Voice of Your Customers to Work for You

Mastering the customer experience is a complex equation involving many moving parts. Done successfully, however, it can open new doors and lucrative benefits for customers and businesses alike. During the multimedia session “Putting the Voice of Your Customers to Work for You”, Featured Analyst Firm, Gartner Inc. analysts Ed Thompson and Jim Davies, along with Verint Systems, will:
• Explore the top challenges facing customer service operations today
• Highlight the best practices and impact of bringing the “voice of the customer” inside your four walls
• Examine the fundamentals and technologies for getting started on building your “voice of the customer” initiative and workforce optimization strategy
• Profile the power of multichannel sales and service delivery—and “real-time, at the right time” analytics
• Share how global organizations in healthcare, telecommunications and insurance—for example—have taken a customer-centric approach to their operations—embracing an “actionable intelligence” strategy powered by workforce optimization and voice of the customer analytics.

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Type: Video (40 minutes)

Achieving Best in Class Distribution

Every organization wants to be known as best in class. Far too many wrongly claim the distinction. When it comes to distribution, the label best-in-class can be claim by those who can document three achievements:

1 - All orders are filled off-the-shelf with all line items completed by the customer's request date
2 - All orders are filled with the greatest possible contribution to profit
3 - Targeted customer service levels are high enough to increase your market share

Of course it's not necessarily what you need to document, but how you achieve those distinctions. In this program, Ray Barger from Featured Analyst Firm, Gartner Inc. will highlight the strategic challenges which companies face building best in class distribution operations. John Helms, Vice President of Materials & Planning for The Hillman Group, will share how they overcame those challenges to become a best in class distribution organization.

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Type: Video (17 minutes)

Revealing the benefits of Platform-as-a-Service

This webcast examines the possibilities and benefits of Platform-as-a-Service. Listen as featured analyst firm, Gartner Inc. analyst Daryl Plummer and Phil Goldie, Director of Server and Tools for Microsoft Australia provide an overview of platform as a service, why platform as a service is important to CIO’s and IT Decisions makers and the benefits of building applications on Platform as a Service. You’ll also discover the capabilities that Microsoft is introducing into the Windows Azure platform. Learn how Platform as a Service can help your organization remove many of the headaches associated with IT management, and how Microsoft’s Windows Azure can help customers harness the power of cloud computing. Discover what types of companies are adopting Platform as a Service and whether you should be considering it as part of your IT strategy.

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Type: Video (31 minutes)

Strategies for Managing Consumer Owned Smartphones & Tablets

The usage of personal devices within the enterprise is no longer relegated to one or two individuals. Their usage is pervasive and the ability for employees to use personal devices at work presents new management, security and compliance concerns for IT administrators. Can you safeguard corporate assets when more employees are connecting their personal devices to the network for email, calendars, contacts and access to other enterprise applications and data? The key is to balance employee choice and company policy when incorporating employee-liable devices into the organization. In this program, leading experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner Inc. and Zenprise practical advice on how to make the influx of consumer owned devices less chaotic to your enterprise.

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Type: Video (65 minutes)

Empowering the Cloud through Network Virtualization

Empowering the Cloud through Network Virtualization Join Mark Fabbi from featured analyst firm Gartner, Inc. and Jean Turgeon, vice president and global general manager, Avaya Data Solutions as they discusses CIOs’ biggest networking challenges—increasing operational efficiencies and adaptability with fewer resources and less time. Also learn how the Avaya Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture can help your IT organization say “yes” to new service requests with cloud computing and virtualization.

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Type: Video (35 minutes)

The Foundation of Your Organization's Online Business

The role and function of today’s Web content management systems (CMS) are changing dramatically. While CMS used to be viewed simply as an engine to broadcast content online, they now serve as the foundation for an organization’s online business. Additionally, increased pressures to manage and deliver content efficiently across online channels — as well as the requirement to engage more effectively with customers and prospects — means that CMS has evolved to become the online experience hub for all large organizations. Learn from leading experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner Inc., Deutsche Telekom, Internet Broadcasting, and CoreMedia as they share their insights and expertise to help you maximize your online channels and educate you before investing in a CMS solution.

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Type: Video (35 minutes)

Transforming Content Management with Cloud

Many organizations have struggled to gain continued business value from content management technology in business processes such as Invoice processing, contract management and case management. But delivery options such as cloud and composite content applications can transform time to delivery, cost and return on investment, making addressing these kinds of business process more compelling than ever. Find out why and how you can harness cloud technology to put your content to work.

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Type: Audio (29 minutes)

Increase Operating Efficiencies in Accounts Payable with ECM - Enterprise Content Management for AP

For years, ERP suites have been considered the do-it-all backbone for financial processes, but they’ve left a large gap to fill with invoice processing. What are the challenges that enterprises face with invoice processing? How can an automated solution solve those challenges? And what role do document capture and transactional document management software vendors play in delivering those benefits? In this program, leading experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner Inc. and Hyland Software examine the growing importance of accounts payable invoice automation solutions and how to target the right solution for your enterprise.


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Type: Video (8 minutes)

Operational Excellence with ECM - Enterprise Content Management for Insurance

Customers are demanding new options for customer service, and new regulations have driven up compliance pressures. So how do insurers meet these new demands and create a competitive advantage? For more and more organizations, the answer is enterprise content management, or ECM. In this program, leading experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner Inc. and Hyland Software look at the benefits that ECM offers insurers. How can ECM reduce costs? How can it enable better customer service? And how does an insurer determine the right ECM solution for its needs?


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Type: Video (14 minutes)

Next Generation Backup and Recovery for Virtual Environments

Has the sheer growth of data overwhelmed your legacy backup and recovery solution? Have consolidation and virtualization created a new set of backup challenges? Learn more about today’s data protection challenges and new technologies.To address them from our panel of industry experts: Research Vice President Dave Russell; Bob Scott, Information Technology Manager at Community Health Center of Snohomish County; Mike Kuehn, Vice President of Worldwide Channels at Syncsort; and Mark Welke, Director of Data Protection Solutions Marketing at NetApp.


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Type: Video (25 minutes)

Column Oriented Databases - discover the future of investigative analytics and the power behind extreme data warehouses

We all must contend with ever-growing data from ever-expanding sources. Social, location-aware, mobile and device data now have to be merged with customer, product and third-party data. But as the data grows, it runs into a basic law of physics – that as objects gain more mass, they slow down. So how can enterprises get all of their data to be available quicker and perform faster?
More and more enterprises are turning to new analytic software to get ahead of this curve. In this program featured analyst firm Gartner Inc. analyst Mark Beyer will address the changing data landscape, the business opportunities and the issues facing IT. Also, SAND Chief Operating Officer Mike Pilcher will look at analytic platform column based databases and the solutions for accelerating Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, SAP and SAS data warehouses..

Sponsor: SAND Technology
Type: Video (18 minutes)

Demystifying Cloud for the Enterprise

With on-demand access to instantly scalable IT resources, cloud services can help accelerate the development and delivery of applications to users and customers. If you are considering cloud services, there are important issues to examine closely, such as security and service level guarantees. Listen to what industry experts have to say about the current state of cloud services, and learn how Post-n-Track leverages the manageability, flexibility, and security of NaviSite Managed Cloud Services to deliver its communication and collaboration platform to a large community of healthcare organizations.

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Type: Video (14 minutes)

Security Intelligence In a Post Perimeter World - What is it and how does it enable your business?

As insider thefts like the WikiLeaks debacle grow in magnitude, cyber attacks proliferate, advanced persistent threats persist, and targeted attacks increase, our approach to securing the enterprise must evolve. It’s not enough to set up a strong firewall and watch who or what is coming or going. You must have total visibility into what is happening across your enterprise and beyond as cloud services become operational. Traditional security measures are not enough.  In this program, leading experts from Gartner and Q1 Labs explore how your enterprise can leverage security intelligence. They’ll look at how security intelligence addresses compliance, growing cyber attacks and insider threats, and why your strategy must look at the entire security intelligence lifecycle, before, during and after exploits.

Sponsor: Q1 Labs
Type: Video (35 minutes)

Opportunities and Challenges for Managing Data and Lowering IT Costs

Today’s information architecture is much more dynamic than even just a few years ago. Data volumes are exploding, generating larger and larger databases, and businesses are demanding faster response times, delivering more analytics to an ever-widening set of users and applications, and still, companies are being asked to lower their IT costs.So, how do you prioritize your IT investments to insure support for growing volumes of data while meeting your business users evolving requirements? In this webcast, sponsored by Oracle, Research Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Donald Feinberg, of lead analyst firm, Gartner, outlines the top priorities for CIOs and strategies for lowering your IT costs.

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Type: Video (26 minutes)

Key Considerations in Evaluating a Secure Web Gateway

It’s estimated that 84 percent of malware infects legitimate websites, so it’s no surprise that web security remains a key pain point for enterprises, and the pressure is increasing as Web 2.0 usage becomes a business necessity. That’s why more and more enterprises are looking to comprehensive, secure web gateway solutions to stop the security threats while permitting business-critical web applications. In this program, we address the key questions you must ask to find the right secure web gateway for your organization. What are the key pain points for enterprises? What features should you consider to address advanced security threats? How can a secure web gateway enable acceptable and safe use of Web 2.0? And what’s the future of secure web gateway and how does that play into considering a vendor? We’ll answer those questions and more with two of the leading experts in the industry, Gartner Research Director Peter Firstbrook, and William Kilmer, CMO of M86 Security.

Sponsor: M86
Type: Video (22 minutes)

Hyperion Essbase - The Power of Analytics

To pull away from the competition, organizations of all sizes in every market around the world must expand their operational excellence into management excellence.Organizations have achieved operational excellence through the standardization of operational processes and implementation of ERP solutions, and increasingly the only way to differentiate yourself from the competition is to be smarter, more agile, and more aligned. That is management excellence.But management processes are not standardized from one organization to the other and they require a high level of flexibility, so to meet management excellence business requirements, organizations must implement corporate performance management solutions.In this program, leading experts from Gartner and KPMG reveal why corporate performance management applications, combined with analytical solutions, provide the best foundation for management excellence.They’ll look at how the combination lets organizations better address multi-dimensional analysis, simulation, budgeting, profitability analysis, and forward-thinking analysis requirements.

Sponsor: Oracle
Type: Video (23 minutes)

DDoS Risk Assessment: The Case for Dedicated Defense

The threat of distributed denial of service attacks, commonly known as DDoS attacks, is a major security challenge to enterprise networks. In fact, a recent report by Narus lists "DDoS attacks" third among the top 10 cyber security threats of 2011 and beyond. It is a difficult challenge for many enterprises to assess both the risk of being targeted for DDoS as well as estimate the consequences of such an attack. The effort is worthwhile, however, because all signs indicate that the frequency, severity and the impact of DDoS attacks are on the rise. This security requirement is especially urgent for companies that have a large e-commerce presence on the Internet. RioRey's sole business focus is on dedicated DDoS detection and mitigation. Our product family provides a range of protection for all the way up to large-scale enterprises that deploy our RG series defense based on the IBM BladeCenter platform.The core message of this presentation is that a dedicated DDoS defense platform or service will become the standard for DDoS protection in the near future.

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Type: Video (22 minutes)

Ingenious Mobile Solutions - Modular Devices Minimize Total Cost of Ownership

In today’s unrelenting pursuit to reduce costs, increase revenues, organizations of all sizes are investing in ruggedized handhelds to help their mobile employees make smarter, faster decisions driving greater operational efficiencies and improving business performance. With the growing choice of mobile devices, increasingly companies are struggling with their ruggedized mobile handheld decisions, as they strive to balance today’s needs to meet tomorrow’s changing demands, and how to address the key challenges and considerations for their ruggedized handheld devices.

Sponsor: Psion
Type: Video (18 minutes)

Competing in a mobile world: The new Application Performance Monitoring playing field

If you are considering Application Performance Monitoring (APM), the facts are imperative to understand the challenges facing IT organizations. APM not only improves your customer's web experience-- it is a critical part of your overall business success. In this program experts will analyze the new APM playing field and the need for web and mobile site performance. Two of the leading experts in this area will share their insight and ways you can leverage APM to gain a business advantage.

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Type: Video (36 minutes)

Extending Identity Management Strategies to Secure the Cloud

Enterprises today span a variety of physical, virtual, and cloud environments and more than ever, companies are taking advantage of the benefits that can be found in the Cloud. However, if you’re moving business applications and data to the Cloud, it’s critical that you balance the flexibility the Cloud provides with the need for strong identity and access controls that will streamline and safeguard your business. Learn from the experts the best ways to prepare for Cloud computing, the pitfalls you may encounter, and the key attributes your IT solution partners must have to ensure your success.

Sponsor: Novell
Type: Video (29 minutes)

Demonstrating the ROI of Your BI Investments

What is the value of a good decision? Each year companies invest billions of dollars in business intelligence software and services designed to improve and accelerate their decision-making. But what’s the real return on investment? Can better, faster decisions really translate into stronger financial and sales performance and improved customer satisfaction? In this program, Director James Richardson from featured analyst firm, Gartner Inc. answers those questions and provides best practices for building and demonstrating the value of a BI solution. We’ll also hear first hand from Ken Erdner, CIO at Old Dominion Freight Line, one of the largest trucking companies in the United States, which has realized millions of dollars in cost savings, boosted productivity, and improved customer service using an enterprise dashboard solution from Corda.

Sponsor: Corda
Type: Video (18 minutes)

The Evolution of Workload Automation
Learn how Workload Automation leverages Virtualization and Cloud Computing to help increase IT productivity while reducing costs. Please join VP Milind Govekar from featured analyst firm, Gartner Inc and CA Technologies VP of Product Management Jim Anderson to discuss how job scheduling has evolved into Workload Automation and what it means for your organization.

Type: Video (43 minutes)

The Dangers of Laptops, Smartphones & Social Media to Enterprise Security

The popularity of smart phones and tablet computing is rapidly blurring the line between personal and business Internet use. And social media and other Web two-point-oh applications are changing the way we interact with the Web and how it interacts with us. Which all adds up to more interaction with an unwanted party - hackers. In this program, leading experts from Gartner and Barracuda Networks show you how to mitigate the risk and keep your networks and data safe. They’ll break down: How social networks can improve or impede your business and the security threats that accompany those applications; the considerations for moving to a cloud-based security model; and how to find the right solution for your organization’s security needs.

Type: Video (34 minutes)

Critical Success Factors to Address Ever-Increasing IT Service Level Expectations while facing IT Cost Reduction Pressures

The demands placed upon IT grow significantly year over year and while the service delivery expectations of the business continue to rise, budgets do not - and CIOs are tasked with lowering the overall cost of IT. A Fabric Computing strategy may offer CIOs the promise of addressing the seemingly competing demands of ever increasing service level expectations and IT Cost reductions. HP faced those very same challenges and to meet them head on has adopted a Fabric Computing approach, which HP has called Converged Infrastructure. The HP Converged Infrastructure strategy is a blue print for implementing the data centre of the future TODAY. Please join us to hear these industry experts explain how organizations are successfully eliminating silos and integrating technologies into pools of interoperable resources to improve service levels and reduce costs.

Type: Video (27 minutes)


Context-aware Multimodal Technology drives next-generation Mobile Enablement Strategy

While delivering that first iPhone/blackberry application is a great accomplishment, it's also a stopgap solution. Effective capitalization of the mobile opportunity requires a carefully crafted mobile application strategy that takes advantage of delivery-context, user-experience, application portability, security and ease of maintenance.

Sponsor: Openstream
Type: Video (25 minutes)

Optimizing Talent for Healthcare

We’re facing a looming supply and demand challenge in healthcare. Healthcare reform, increased legislation, and increased focus on labor laws are on the horizon for the healthcare workforce. Is your organization prepared? In this program, leading experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and opinion leaders from API Healthcare, discuss a new approach to healthcare workforce management. They’ll diagnose the best practices and tools healthcare organizations need to find, retain, and manage talent, as well as retain the knowledge of that talent even when they leave. They’ll provide successful strategies for dealing with part-time and contingency workers. And they’ll discuss the factors you need to consider to find the right talent optimization solution for your healthcare-specific needs.

Sponsor: API Healthcare
Type: Video (22 minutes)

Optimizing Business Innovation for Success

Even in challenging economic times, or maybe especially so, innovation around products and services remains a top strategic priority for increasing profitability, competitive differentiation, and shareholder value. Join industry experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and opinion leaders from CA, as they discuss why deploying Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) is a fundamental first step for any CIO looking to maximize the return on their innovation investment, accelerate time to value, efficiently allocate resources and reduce new product development costs.

Sponsor: CA
Type: Video (20 minutes)

Where to Focus Your In-House e-discovery Efforts and Why

Many organizations are bringing their e-discovery in-house to have better control, and to build a more efficient, repeatable, and defensible business process that ultimately reduces cost and risk. But is in-house e-discovery right for your organization? And if so, where should you focus your efforts? Join leading e-discovery experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and opinion leaders from Guidance Software Inc., as they break down the advantages of in-house e-discovery and introduce solutions that will allow you to effectively manage your legal, regulatory, and investigative matters.

Sponsor: Guidance Software Inc.
Type: Video (22 minutes)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Achieve a low cost and a high return

You’re being asked to do more with less. Most vendors will claim to offer a Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP Solution that will provide you a positive return. But how do you decide which ERP solution is best for your business? How do you find an integrated system to link all your functional areas as well as support effortless communication across your departments, all while improving your customer service and satisfaction? Most ERP software vendors claim their solutions will make your business more efficient and productive, but how do you determine which vendor can truly help you achieve more with less? In this program, we will answer those questions and more. You will hear Nigel Montgomery, Research Director at featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and Jeff Harvey, Senior Vice President and General Manager at SAP, share their insights on this topic. As a an added bonus, you will hear from Tim Coyle, the director of Information Technology for Ateeco Mrs. T’s Pierogies, on how SAP has helped his organization maximize their ERP investment.

Sponsor: SAP
Type: Audio (45 minutes)

Global HR and Payroll Outsourcing – Technology’s Role as an Enabler for Successful Global HR Outsourcing

Many successful, multinational corporations are consolidating and streamlining their HR and payroll processes across regions, business units and technology platforms. Is global HR and payroll outsourcing right for your organization? Join leading experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and opinion leaders from ADP, in a new Webcast which examines the ways in which your organization can achieve your global HR outsourcing goals, and the attributes and capabilities you should look for when evaluating providers.

Sponsor: Automatic Data Processing, Inc.
Type: Video (24 minutes)