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Fabric-Based Infrastructure in Today’s Data Centers

Meeting the challenge for increased efficiency and scale while preparing for the technology needs of tomorrow, is driving businesses toward application and solution based architectures in their data centers – what Gartner refers to as Fabric Based Infrastructure. In this video, Donna Scott (a VP and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner) and Paul Perez (VP and CTO for the Data Center Business Group at Cisco Systems) examine the motivations and impact, for customers moving to a Fabric Based Infrastructure and how Cisco UCS helps customers achieve their goals.

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Type: Video (36 minutes)

The Social Workplace: Rethinking Communication and Collaboration in the Age of Social Networks

There was a time when we had a social life and a business life, and rarely did the two cross. Now, business needs social to succeed. It’s not a question of if you’re using social tools and channels, but how that determines your place in the market. In fact, what you really need to become is a social workplace. But what is a social workplace? How do you become one? And what challenges can you expect? We’ll put those questions and more to two of the top experts on turning business into a social workplace: Gartner analyst Nikos Drakos and Mika Sissonen, marketing manager for social software at SAP. We’ll also find out how SAP is helping enterprises blaze a new trail in social networking.

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Type: Audio and Presentation Slides (60 minutes)

Wireless App Strategy in the Enterprise

Wireless Apps must now be an integral part of any corporate strategy. They play an increasingly important role in improving:  Customer interaction, Quality of services delivered, Compliance monitoring, and, live key management indicators. How you integrate wireless apps into your strategy will have a significant impact on how your company and your staff are perceived in the market. In this program, we’ll find out what your strategy should entail and what best practices you need to make it a reality. Gartner analyst Ian Finley will help you determine which apps will most impact your company and offer you the best return on investment. And, Mary Brittain-White, Managing Director of Retriever Communications, will look at the key project and design attributes your organization needs to succeed.

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Type: Video (26 minutes)

Creating and Managing Custom, Business-to-Employee Mobile Apps

Innovative organizations are moving beyond basic support of tablets and smart phones. They're creating custom mobile apps to automate tasks like inventory management, sales and service routes, field inspections and more. These business-to-employee apps can boost productivity, reduce operational costs and enhance customer satisfaction. But building B-to-E apps is very different from creating consumer or customer-facing apps. How do they differ? And more importantly, what do you need to know about managing the B-to-E app lifecycle to gain the benefits? In this program, Gartner Research Vice President Van Baker and Ryan Rosenberg, vice president of marketing and services for FileMaker, a subsidiary of Apple, help you determine the best platform for your custom B-to-E apps.

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Type: Video (19 minutes)

Exploring the Dramatic Impact of New Breed SoC Thin Clients on Citrix VDI Deployments

Thin-client endpoint devices and Citrix HDX virtual desktop technology can be a very powerful combination. But the reality is, the current generation of HDX-capable thin-client devices remains too expensive, too complex to deploy and maintain, and typically fails to deliver 100 percent of the rich experience that customers expect. In this program, virtual desktop experts from Gartner and NComputing look at the typical challenges you'll face in enterprise virtual desktop deployments and the key issues impacting thin-client adoption. You will also find out about the next-generation Citrix HDX System-on-Chip initiative and how NComputing developed its new N-series line of thin clients to fulfill the initiative's promise of high-definition virtual apps and desktops at an unprecedented low cost.

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Type: Video (15 minutes)

Mobility and Social Video: Understand the Growing Role of Video Communications in Business

Employees are spending less time together as companies are no longer defined by a physical location. Executives recognize the increasing role video communications play in the way they do business. So why do businesses still wrestle with the complexity of delivering video to employees in various locations, and on multiple devices? In this program, two of the leading experts in the industry - Gartner Research Vice President Whit Andrews, and Ray Hood, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Qumu, share their insights and expertise in the area of enterprise video communications. Is a quality video experience still only a vision, or is it now a necessity for your organization? What is the next generation video communications platform? And, how do you determine the right solution to get the most value from your video communications?

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Type: Video (12 minutes)

Why In-Memory Database is the In technology

There's a lot of industry buzz around in-memory database technology right now. The technology gives enterprises new opportunities for innovation and differentiation. But it also raises challenges. Why is in-memory database technology getting so much attention now? What benefits does it truly offer? What challenges does it present? And what impact will it have on cloud computing efforts? In this program, leading experts from Gartner and SAP help you determine if in-memory database technology is the right choice for your organization. You'll also learn why SAP's HANA solution is setting new standards in the market.

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Type: Video (23 minutes)

Passive Optical LAN: Innovation for the Changing Enterprise Network

Much has changed in enterprise data networking in the last ten years. Bandwidth requirements have gone up by orders of magnitude. The numbers and types of devices connected have also increased dramatically. And traffic patterns have shifted to be more centralized – and now cloud-based. All of this is happening in an economic environment where there's less to spend. And yet costly, workgroup switch-based LAN architectures are still being built the same way. The time is now for IT organizations to think about these new requirements, and seek innovative, cost-effective solutions at the enterprise edge. Passive Optical LAN delivers the simplicity, security, scalability and total cost of ownership savings that enterprises need to remain competitive in this new era.

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Type: Audio (16 minutes)

The New Economics of IT: Creating Value

Organizations now expect IT to change at the pace of the business - driving innovation, opening up new opportunities, and adopting new business models. There's a fundamental shift to focus not just on cost reduction but also revenue generation. How do you cope with this shift? How do you harness people, process and technology? In this program we answer those questions and more with two of the industry's leading experts – Gartner Research Director Leigh McMullen, and VMware EMEA Chief Cloud Technologist Joe Baguley.

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Type: Audio (16 minutes)

Forward Thinking With An Emergency Notification System

Are you confident that your mass notification system can get the right information to the right person, not too much, not too little but just right? Spend a few minutes with industry leaders Roberta Witty (Gartner Research VP) and xMatters CEO, Troy McAlpin discussing the value of a communication system that fits your process - getting theright information to the right people. This 10 minute educational video explains what is important for your communication plan and why typing free form messages into a Scenario's message box just does not cut it. Come away with thought provoking guidance that will allow you to build effective strategies ensure you can always respond, restore and resume business fast.The world of dynamic, mobile communication is changing so quickly that relying on old-fashioned mass notification methodologies will only put you further behind.

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Type: Video (11 minutes)

Mobile Support's Biggest Challenge: Android - Supporting Mobile Users

There's no doubt that the future of computing is in the mobile space, and most indicators suggest that Google's Android Mobile OS will be on a great number of devices. But with this wave of transitioning to smart devices, technical support calls are skyrocketing. What issues must companies consider to find the right support solution? Do organizations need remote support to effectively decrease call times and increase customer satisfaction? Can the success of remote support in the PC help desk market be duplicated in the mobile market, and what technologies can make this happen? We'll answer those questions and more with two of the leading experts, Gartner Research Vice President Leif-Olof Wallin and RSUPPORT Vice President Matthew Choy. They will reveal how you can best handle the increase in mobile technical support calls and deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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Type: Video (18 minutes)

Navigating the sea of change in WAN Optimization

Video has recently become a significant challenge for the IT manager. An average YouTube video takes the equivalent amount of bandwidth of 500,000 email messages or text messages. This increase in bandwidth resources results in poor performance of business critical applications on your network. How are IT managers coping with the rise in video traffic, unified communications, and other complex applications on the WAN? In this program, Gartner Research Vice President, Joe Skorupa, and Kevin Suitor, Vice President of Marketing at Exinda discuss the growing need to see the traffic on the network and to apply precise controls and optimization rules that tie in with an organization’s business objectives.

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Type: Video (25 minutes)

Changing the Rules of Networking

Our networks are under great strain today - more data, video, audio, new applications, mobility, virtualization and so much more. And the burden is especially heavy in the public sector, be it government or education. In this program, leading experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner Inc. and HP address your most pressing questions and concerns, including: What challenges are weighing most on the public sector? What steps must public sector organizations take to address these challenges? What solutions can help you take these steps? And where can you turn to find these solutions?

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Type: Video (46 minutes)

De-risking Applications in your Virtualized Infrastructure

De-risking critical applications, especially in a virtualized data center, is now a top priority for most enterprise IT departments. Nearly all Global 200 enterprise data centers rely on fiber channel SANs for their storage infrastructure. The move to 8-gigabit and eventually 16-gigabit fiber channel networks results in faster throughput but also less resiliency than 2 and 4-gigabit. This can easily impact service levels. Outages and slowdowns need to be quickly resolved or, better still, avoided altogether. So how do you ensure performance and uptime while increasing the use of new, faster technologies, together with server and storage virtualization? How do you proactively monitor your SAN traffic to be able to see that all is well or is potentially about to negatively affect your users? In this webcast, Gartner storage management expert Valdis Filks and Virtual Instruments’ Vice President of Solutions Consulting, John Gentry, discuss how real-time I/O monitoring solutions are required to guarantee application performance and availability SLAs

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Type: Audio (23 minutes)

The Evolution and Importance of Job Scheduling in the Modern Data Center

Automating job scheduling is a requirement in today’s complex data center environments. However, there are challenges that include the integration between IT applications, databases and file sharing platforms using only their native tools or using systems-based schedulers must be custom coded or left undone. Neither scenario is optimal: Custom integrations are time consuming, error prone and need constant maintenance and revisions. Leaving integrations undone forces the data center operations team to manually manage complex job scheduling workloads—increasing the risk for errors and expensive downtime. Listen to the experts as they examine the reasons behind the longevity of job schedulers, the role of adapters in the modern data center, how system events factor into enterprise scheduling, and what the future holds for job scheduling. They also offer advice on where you can turn to meet your enterprise job scheduling needs.

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Type: Video (34 minutes)

Empowering the Cloud through Network Virtualization

Empowering the Cloud through Network Virtualization Join Mark Fabbi from featured analyst firm Gartner, Inc. and Jean Turgeon, vice president and global general manager, Avaya Data Solutions as they discusses CIOs’ biggest networking challenges—increasing operational efficiencies and adaptability with fewer resources and less time. Also learn how the Avaya Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture can help your IT organization say “yes” to new service requests with cloud computing and virtualization.

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Type: Video (35 minutes)

Shared Success: The Competitive Advantage of Social Software in Business

Learning and development are becoming more dynamic, more diverse, and above all, more collaborative. After all, our research shows that up to 80% of employees' most valuable learning occurs informally, through team interactions and just-in-time access to subject matter expertise. So if you want to truly improve competency and make learning more efficient and pervasive across your business, now is the time to get started. Join experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and leaders from Mzinga, Inc., as they examine the five major trends that are impacting workforce and talent development, the role that social software is playing in these efforts, and how you can use these solutions to gain your own competitive advantage and make productivity across your business soar.

Sponsor: Mzinga, Inc.
Type: Audio (46 minutes)

A smarter approach to server-network edge virtualization with VEPA

(Virtual Ethernet Port Aggregator)

Virtual Ethernet Port Aggregator (VEPA) off-loads all switching activities from today's hypervisor-based virtual switches to actual physical switches. What’s all the fuss? Many enterprise organizations are running approximately 10 VMs across one virtual switch on each physical server. However, in the future it is likely that the VM to server ratio will increase and as it does, server-based networking will have to become more sophisticated particularly as it relates to security and networking. Join the experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and opinion leaders from HP as they look at how to deal with the challenges of communications in a virtual environment. Additionally, you’ll learn how HP’s approach with VEPA supports seamless integration and eliminates "forklift" upgrades that other approaches require.

Sponsor: HP
Type: Video (29 minutes)

Scalable Data Center Network Fabrics

The growth of server virtualization and data center consolidation has changed the game for data center networks. More than ever, data center networks need to connect large pools of IT resources that can quickly and easily be accessed in what is often referred to as a cloud IT model. And, as data center networks evolve to provide these seamless connections between IT resource pools, they are increasingly being called data center “fabrics” by networking vendors. Join leading experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and opinion leaders from Cisco Systems, Inc., as they look at the opportunities created by these emerging fabrics, new innovations and multi-path Ethernet, as well as the realities of building scalable data center network fabrics.

Sponsor: Cisco Systems, Inc.
Type: Video (15 minutes)

Secure Web Gateways: Best Practice Security for the Social Web and Modern Malware

Web destinations like facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and can provide your organization with new opportunities, but they can also bring new risks as traditional antivirus and URL filtering technologies are rendered ineffective. Zero-day malware, inappropriate content, data loss, and compliance, all pose unique challenges in these environments. To address these challenges, many successful organizations are turning to Secure Web Gateways. What advantages does a secure Web gateway offer, and is it the right solution for your organization? Find out in this new program.

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Type: Video (29 minutes)

The Data Center Network: The Future Is Now

The pressures on the data center and our networks keep intensifying. Of course, you knew that. Every company is dealing with more data, more security threats, more options, demands to be more green … and on and on. The big question is how do you meet those demands and ease that pressure? In this program, Joe Skorupa, Research Vice President at featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and Vikram Mehta, CEO of BLADE Network Technologies, look at what’s driving the new demands on the data center, the tools and solutions that can address those challenges and, most importantly, how you can determine the right solution for your organization’s data center needs.

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Type: Video (26 minutes)

Switching to SaaS Email Security - Top Considerations

Every day hundreds of organizations switch to SaaS for their email security. What do these organizations know that others don’t? Why has SaaS become the fastest growing platform for email security? How can you decide if SaaS is right for your organization? Find out in this new program now. In this program, leading experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and opinion leaders from Websense, Inc., answer these questions, and more, to help you understand why organizations are switching to SaaS, what risks you need to be aware of, and what the best practices are for selecting a SaaS email security solution.

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Type: Video (28 minutes)

Today’s Blended Threats & DELL’s approach to a MULTI-LAYERED SECURITY SOLUTION

Independent research shows that the average cost of a data breach is $6 million dollars. But apart from the immediate cost, there’s the liability and loss of reputation. Watch this new program and learn how to be proactive about security and compliance breaches. In this program, industry experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc. and opinion leaders from Dell, look at the security challenges many companies face today - data breaches through the network, data leaks by employees, malware attacks, lost laptops - and offer best practices and solutions your company can implement to overcome those challenges.

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Type: Video (15 minutes)

Application Performance Monitoring - What is it? What can it do for IT and the business?

In this webcast, Will Cappelli, Research VP from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and opinion leaders from Quest Software discuss the importance of Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and will provide valuable insight into strategies that will not only help you manage both your virtual and physical infrastructure, but also address the challenges that are plaguing your most critical IT projects. Join your colleagues for an informative and timely discussion.

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Type: Video (44 minutes)