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The Year Ahead: Mobile Enterprise Management (MEM) and the evolution of MDM

Mobility has become a key -- and rapidly growing -- component of today's workforce. Employees expect the freedom to bring their own devices, choose where they work and what applications they need to do their jobs. While this creates a much more productive and engaged workforce, it also leads to an increased mix of corporate data with personal apps and information. It’s no longer a mobile workforce that can be secured or managed by simple device management. Enterprises now need to look beyond just devices ... to the apps that run on those devices. And most importantly, what it takes to secure, control, and manage the corporate data that is being accessed and moved around between them. In this program, two of the industry’s leading experts – Gartner Research Vice President Phil Redman and OpenPeak CEO Dan Gittleman, share their insights to examine the evolution of MDM and the new approach to managing mobility in the enterprise. They will also discuss what to look for, what’s important and what’s ahead.

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Best Practices in Database Protection

Data is the biggest driver of success today … be it in business, government or society. And with data such a valuable currency, protecting it is a paramount concern. So what must your organization do to make sure your database is secure? What are the real threats to your data? What can you do to stop them? And where can you turn for help in protecting your database? In this program, leading experts from Gartner and Warevalley reveal the solutions and best practices you need to keep your data safe. We’ll also find out why more and more companies around the world increasingly turn to Warevalley to protect perhaps their most valuable asset – their database.

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Advanced Threat and Breach Detection with SIEM 2.0 Big Data Security Analytics

The IT threat landscape is shifting at an accelerating pace. Information security professionals are acknowledging that it’s no longer a matter of "If" they'll be the victim of a breach, but "when". Like the threats themselves, the tools organizations use to detect and respond to these threats must evolve, and Security Information and Event Management, or SIEM, is one of the most powerful weapons an IT organization can employ.

In this webcast, industry experts from Gartner and LogRhythm will discuss how a SIEM solution that combines comprehensive monitoring with real-time threat detection and multidimensional Big Data analytics can substantially improve an organization's ability detect and respond to advanced threats and breaches more quickly and with greater accuracy than ever before.

Also, the Director of IT security and compliance from a large mid-west electric and gas utility, will share the process she followed in selecting a next generation SIEM solution. She will also discuss how LogRhythm's SIEM 2.0 solution is being used for advanced threat detection and response as well as compliance automation and assurance for a myriad of regulatory mandates.

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Securing Against Advanced Cyber Threats: A Profile of American Cancer Society

Despite the billions of dollars being invested in security technologies each year, threats continue to bypass conventional defenses – compromising sensitive data and wreaking havoc on enterprise networks. Meanwhile, innovations including mobile devices and cloud computing are further complicating threat detection and incident response. Today’s organizations must take a defense-in-depth approach to security, with internal network visibility being a cornerstone of their strategy. But what is the best way to obtain the visibility and threat intelligence needed to detect advanced cyber-attacks? In this program, we address this question with experts from Gartner, Lancope and the American Cancer Society. We’ll also learn how you move past perimeter- and signature-based strategies to fortify your companies network defenses.

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Type: Audio with Slides (37 minutes)

Taking an Architectural Approach to BYOD

We live and work in a fast paced, technology-enhanced world and, it’s clear, we love our devices! As this explosion of devices increases - ranging from smart phones, tablets and laptops - many people are keen to use their own computing devices at work. Currently, only 22% of companies allow employees to do so but, as Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD - multiplies, organizations need to ensure they are well equipped. But what is the business value in employees bringing their own device into the workplace? What are the security and compliance risks behind BYOD? And what are the challenges businesses are facing when implementing a BYOD strategy? We’ll answer those questions and more with leading experts from Gartner and Cisco. You will also find out how to ensure that your BYOD architecture will meet the current and future business requirements.

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Type: Video (22 minutes)

DDoS Mitigation for the Enterprise

Enterprises face a rising threat from distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) and if the enterprise is not prepared for such an attack, the impact can be devastating. What are the potential consequences and more importantly, how do you protect your enterprise from a DDoS attack? In this webcast, top experts from Gartner and Arbor Networks look at this rising threat and its implications to the enterprise. Most importantly, they’ll help you determine the right approach and solution to keep your enterprise safe from a distributed denial of service attack.

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Type: Video (20 minutes)

Adapting Security to Today’s Data Center

Is traditional security enough in today’s datacenter? Datacenter security feels the increasing weight of virtualization and cloud computing, plus the high rate of zero day and other hard to patch vulnerabilities. Is traditional security enough to protect your organization? In this program, leading experts from Gartner, TrendMicro and the National Bank of Abu Dhabi reveal the solutions and best practices that can effectively keep your datacenter secure.

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Type: Video (15 minutes)

Authentication-as-a-Service: Securing Access to the Cloud

Security is no longer confined to the organization's perimeters. For years, user authentication served a vital role in organizations' security policies, securing networking access, protecting user identities and ensuring that users are who they claim to be. But as new business environments like the cloud and the increased use of mobile devices emerge, organizations find they need to quickly adopt new models for authenticating their users to offset potential threats. In this program, Gartner, Vodafone and SafeNet will discuss the emerging authentication models that organizations are adopting; new approaches to user authentication driven by demanding cloud and virtualized environments that are transforming traditional security paradigms; intelligent authentication strategies that can drive value and cost savings; and how you can ensure these implementations will scale as business needs evolve and new environments emerge.

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Security that Matters

When it comes to IT security, more and more organizations realize they can’t do it alone. We face more threats from more sources with potentially more dangerous consequences. And with more IT services moving into areas like virtualization and the cloud, security needs to follow. But what exactly is managed security? What advantages can it offer over your current efforts? And where do you turn to find the right managed security solution and partner for your needs? In this program, we’ll turn to leading experts from Gartner and BT. They’ll break down today’s security challenges, and more importantly, the solutions to overcome those challenges.

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Type: Video (26 minutes)

Manage mobile data. Not just devices.

Business is increasingly mobile. The concept of “work” is quickly shifting from a place we go … to a thing we do. But managing employee mobility is not just about managing devices. It’s more and more about managing the data on those devices and the data that travels to and from them. Plus, enterprises must wrestle with employees’ private apps and data while responsibly managing mobility. In this video, mobility experts from Gartner and Good Technology examine the mobility challenges and trends facing IT today. What management levels are required within the enterprise? And what mobility management best practices and best-in-class solutions will help give your enterprise a competitive advantage?

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Type: Video (16 minutes)

Driving Business Value to Your Clients and Partners
In this program, we connect with data masking experts and hear firsthand how Bridgepoint Education in San Diego successfully implemented data masking to protect sensitive student information. Gartner Fellow and Research Vice President, Dr. Joseph Feiman and Kevin Duggan, CEO of Camouflage Software discuss how organizations can realize the security benefits of data masking and provide practical advice for successful implementation.

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Driving Business Value to Your Clients and Partners
In this program, two of the industry's leading experts, Gartner Research Vice President, Eric Ouellet and ZixCorp VP of Product Management, Nigel Johnson discuss Email Encryption, and its effect on Driving Business Value to Your Clients and Partners.

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Bridging On-Premise Identities with Web-based and Cloud Applications
As organizations move more of their operations into the Cloud, who should have access? The key is bridging the gap between on-premise and Cloud and Web-based Identity Management. But the big question is, how do you do that? In this program, leading experts from Gartner and Radiant Logic answer that question and more.

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Type: Audio/Video (50 minutes)


Managing and Reducing Costs of Enterprise Data Protection
Accelerated data growth, virtualization and tighter service-level agreements have pushed traditional backup to its breaking point. Unrelenting 24/7 data growth has caused backup windows to disappear, storage capacity to bloat and SLAs to be out of reach. But new alternatives have emerged, fragmenting data protection by splitting up de-duplication, VM protection and snapshots as well as tape, disk and cloud-based backup. But which solution is right for you? In this program, leading experts from Gartner and Symantec break down the information management challenges that organizations like yours face and, more importantly, offer solutions to address them.

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Type: Video (29 minutes)

Understanding Advanced Persistent Threats
Over the last couple of years, the term "Advanced Persistent Threat", or APT, has made its way into the public media stream. Even high-profile companies fall victim to these crafty attacks. This modern attack is highly targeted and coordinated, making traditional security solutions ineffective. What's more, its main purpose is not to cause temporary damages to the network, but long-term stealth. That is why businesses of all sizes should keep an eye on this phenomenon. AhnLab, a leading security provider in South Korea, presents an insight on this modern security challenge: What is APT? What are the most effective countermeasures against APT? And what is the best practice for APT defense? In this program, we answer those questions and more with industry experts - Gartner Research Vice President and Distinguished Analyst,John Pescatore, and AhnLab CEO, Hongsun Kim.

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Mobility and Social Enterprise: Why "BYOD" Can be Achieved Without Compromise
The personal mobile device is redefining the way we live, the way we socialize and the way we work. Where and when we work is no longer defined by a desktop computer and an Ethernet cable. This mobility can bring flexibility and productivity to the enterprise work force but can also introduce risk. How can IT departments properly manage the security of these devices, networks and data without being too heavy-handed? How can the enterprise embrace the technology and create a seamless wireless experience? Please join us for an exclusive on demand webcast "Mobility and Social Enterprise: Why "BYOD" Can be Achieved Without Compromise". In the program leading experts from featured analyst firm Gartner and Cisco Systems, Inc. discuss how to manage the seamless mobile experience and how to keep company data safe on personal devices and mobile networks.

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Proactive Threat Discovery and Risk Mitigation Demands Situational Awareness

In today's world of increasing information security threats, organizations need technologies that can help them detect and mitigate critical problems such as advanced persistent threats, insider threats, and radical new malware. Coupled with this, the enterprise compliance footprint grows every year, as additional regulations, best practices and standards are adopted.
 The modern enterprise needs a new approach to real-time security monitoring, one that helps them navigate these complex issues without increasing budgets or requiring additional personnel. That approach is available today, and it is called unified situational awareness.
 In this webinar, Gartner Vice President and Research fellow John Pescatore will identify why situational awareness is critical to detecting and mitigating today's complex threats, and eIQnetworks' Vice President, Chief Security and Compliance Officer John Linkous will discuss how eIQnetworks' SecureVue platform is the right approach to address these threats today.

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Type: Video (30 minutes)

Best Practices for Securing Virtual and Cloud Environments

According to analyst firm Gartner, "50 percent of IT workloads will be virtualized in 2012." As a result of this rapid virtualization growth in the data center, CIOs are getting on board to ride this wave because the benefits are too good to miss out on. Virtualization technology is the further enabling the shift towards private, hybrid and public clouds. Often with the adoption of new data center technologies, there is the introduction of new types of security risks. You have data thieves, cyber lurkers and hackers developing new ways to find a hole in your network to steal private information.   Today there are solutions in place for securing physical IT environments, but there is a lack of solutions that are not able to extend that same kind of security to these new and growing virtual and cloud environments, exposing data centers to new security threats and risks. As many organizations have already discovered, a successful migration to the virtual and cloud environments should always start and end with security. Organizations need to understand the security challenges associated with private and public cloud models, evaluate the risk of compliance in the cloud and properly budget for new security solutions to control data access and improve visibility. Once the cloud migration begins, finalizing SLAs with third parties, locking down the security of virtualized environments and investing in identity management, access control and reporting tools to support the new cloud business models will be essential steps to success. .

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Demystifying Cloud for the Enterprise

With on-demand access to instantly scalable IT resources, cloud services can help accelerate the development and delivery of applications to users and customers. If you are considering cloud services, there are important issues to examine closely, such as security and service level guarantees. Listen to what industry experts have to say about the current state of cloud services, and learn how Post-n-Track leverages the manageability, flexibility, and security of NaviSite Managed Cloud Services to deliver its communication and collaboration platform to a large community of healthcare organizations.

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Type: Video (14 minutes)

Security Intelligence In a Post Perimeter World - What is it and how does it enable your business?

As insider thefts like the WikiLeaks debacle grow in magnitude, cyber attacks proliferate, advanced persistent threats persist, and targeted attacks increase, our approach to securing the enterprise must evolve. It’s not enough to set up a strong firewall and watch who or what is coming or going. You must have total visibility into what is happening across your enterprise and beyond as cloud services become operational. Traditional security measures are not enough.  In this program, leading experts from Gartner and Q1 Labs explore how your enterprise can leverage security intelligence. They’ll look at how security intelligence addresses compliance, growing cyber attacks and insider threats, and why your strategy must look at the entire security intelligence lifecycle, before, during and after exploits.

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Type: Video (35 minutes)

Key Considerations in Evaluating a Secure Web Gateway

It’s estimated that 84 percent of malware infects legitimate websites, so it’s no surprise that web security remains a key pain point for enterprises, and the pressure is increasing as Web 2.0 usage becomes a business necessity. That’s why more and more enterprises are looking to comprehensive, secure web gateway solutions to stop the security threats while permitting business-critical web applications. In this program, we address the key questions you must ask to find the right secure web gateway for your organization. What are the key pain points for enterprises? What features should you consider to address advanced security threats? How can a secure web gateway enable acceptable and safe use of Web 2.0? And what’s the future of secure web gateway and how does that play into considering a vendor? We’ll answer those questions and more with two of the leading experts in the industry, Gartner Research Director Peter Firstbrook, and William Kilmer, CMO of M86 Security.

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Type: Video (22 minutes)

DDoS Risk Assessment: The Case for Dedicated Defense

The threat of distributed denial of service attacks, commonly known as DDoS attacks, is a major security challenge to enterprise networks. In fact, a recent report by Narus lists "DDoS attacks" third among the top 10 cyber security threats of 2011 and beyond. It is a difficult challenge for many enterprises to assess both the risk of being targeted for DDoS as well as estimate the consequences of such an attack. The effort is worthwhile, however, because all signs indicate that the frequency, severity and the impact of DDoS attacks are on the rise. This security requirement is especially urgent for companies that have a large e-commerce presence on the Internet. RioRey's sole business focus is on dedicated DDoS detection and mitigation. Our product family provides a range of protection for all the way up to large-scale enterprises that deploy our RG series defense based on the IBM BladeCenter platform.The core message of this presentation is that a dedicated DDoS defense platform or service will become the standard for DDoS protection in the near future.

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Type: Video (22 minutes)

Extending Identity Management Strategies to Secure the Cloud

Enterprises today span a variety of physical, virtual, and cloud environments and more than ever, companies are taking advantage of the benefits that can be found in the Cloud. However, if you’re moving business applications and data to the Cloud, it’s critical that you balance the flexibility the Cloud provides with the need for strong identity and access controls that will streamline and safeguard your business. Learn from the experts the best ways to prepare for Cloud computing, the pitfalls you may encounter, and the key attributes your IT solution partners must have to ensure your success.

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Type: Video (29 minutes)

The Dangers of Laptops, Smartphones & Social Media to Enterprise Security

The popularity of smart phones and tablet computing is rapidly blurring the line between personal and business Internet use. And social media and other Web two-point-oh applications are changing the way we interact with the Web and how it interacts with us. Which all adds up to more interaction with an unwanted party - hackers. In this program, leading experts from Gartner and Barracuda Networks show you how to mitigate the risk and keep your networks and data safe. They’ll break down: How social networks can improve or impede your business and the security threats that accompany those applications; the considerations for moving to a cloud-based security model; and how to find the right solution for your organization’s security needs.

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Type: Video (34 minutes)

Defend Your Mobile Data - Comprehensive Enterprise Encryption
Encryption technology has become an essential element of an information-centric security solution. Increased costs, frequency of data breaches, and more stringent government compliance mandates, are driving the adoption of encryption. Check out this Webcast and hear industry experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and opinion leaders from Symantec Corporation, discuss the encryption needs for today’s mobile workforce and the coming trends in mobile data protection. Plus, you’ll hear Stan Gatewood, Chief Information Security Officer at University System of Georgia, give his perspective on the need for Full Disk Encryption. You’ll hear how his team rolled out encryption and met their compliance initiatives.

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Type: Video (28 minutes)

The Emerging Identity Infrastructure
It used to be so much simpler to control access to your systems and applications. But now you have to factor in partners, contractors, customers, and more. All of whom are requesting access from a growing number of places and devices. So why is the traditional identity management architecture less able to meet these changing demands? What danger does this pose for your enterprise? What steps can you take to mitigate this danger? And why are more organizations looking to identity and context virtualization as the answer? Find out in this new program.

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Type: Audio (52 minutes)

A smarter approach to server-network edge virtualization with VEPA
(Virtual Ethernet Port Aggregator)

Virtual Ethernet Port Aggregator (VEPA) off-loads all switching activities from today's hypervisor-based virtual switches to actual physical switches. What’s all the fuss? Many enterprise organizations are running approximately 10 VMs across one virtual switch on each physical server. However, in the future it is likely that the VM to server ratio will increase and as it does, server-based networking will have to become more sophisticated particularly as it relates to security and networking. Join the experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and opinion leaders from HP as they look at how to deal with the challenges of communications in a virtual environment. Additionally, you’ll learn how HP’s approach with VEPA supports seamless integration and eliminates "forklift" upgrades that other approaches require.

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Type: Video (29 minutes)

Secure Web Gateways: Best Practice Security for the Social Web and Modern Malware
Web destinations like facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and can provide your organization with new opportunities, but they can also bring new risks as traditional antivirus and URL filtering technologies are rendered ineffective. Zero-day malware, inappropriate content, data loss, and compliance, all pose unique challenges in these environments. To address these challenges, many successful organizations are turning to Secure Web Gateways. What advantages does a secure Web gateway offer, and is it the right solution for your organization? Find out in this new program.

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Type: Video (29 minutes)

Switching to SaaS Email Security - Top Considerations
Every day hundreds of organizations switch to SaaS for their email security. What do these organizations know that others don’t? Why has SaaS become the fastest growing platform for email security? How can you decide if SaaS is right for your organization? Find out in this new program now. In this program, leading experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and opinion leaders from Websense, Inc., answer these questions, and more, to help you understand why organizations are switching to SaaS, what risks you need to be aware of, and what the best practices are for selecting a SaaS email security solution.

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Type: Video (28 minutes)